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Our creative place: for over
40 years in the steel carpentry industry

The workshop is spread over an area of about 8,000 square meters of which 4,000 square meters are allocated to the production area: production is carried out in two warehouses, one intended for carbon steel processing and the other used for the processing of noble steels, such as stainless, duplex, superduplex.

The staff has ultra-decades of experience in the industrial construction of steel carpentry, machining and special welding, as well as in the assembly of products related to the specific sector; our welders are licensed for numerous types of welding, on different metals.

The technical/administrative staff is divided into administrative, purchasing, technical and tender departments to which are added about fifteen employees, clerks and laborers, as well as an external inducement of about 25 people.

All the staff of G.M.I. work in synergy, with the common goal of meeting the needs of the Client.


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