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Metal carpentry

Medium-heavy metal carpentry solutions


Industrial carpentry

We have many years of experience in the medium-heavy carpentry sector. We are involved in the construction and assembly of metal structures, both small and large, and thanks to continuous innovation and the support of highly qualified personnel, we are always able to provide the best solutions, with tailor-made solutions based on specific customer requirements.


Metal bridge construction

Over the years we have specialised in the design, construction and installation of metal bridges. Thanks to our technical staff, we design bridges with different shapes and structures, which change according to their intended use. We also take care of the transport, installation and commissioning of the bridges, using our own specialised equipment.


Construction of sluice gates

Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the construction of metal floodgates. We take care of the design, which is done by analysing the customer's requirements and the characteristics of the location where they are to be installed. We take care of the fabrication in our workshops and the installation at the predefined location. We then also provide maintenance services for them.

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Proper planning

All projects are first conceived with the state-of-the-art computerised systems required by our staff, then physically realised in our machine shops, and subsequently assembled at the pre-determined locations.


Some of our realisations

In the gallery we present our realisations in the medium-heavy metal carpentry sector

Wheeled trolley assembly phase

This is the last stage of assembly of our wheeled trolleys

Construction and installation of a flue gas cleaning plant

Complete construction and associated installation of a flue gas cleaning plant for the chemical industry

Construction of the base of a glassworks chimney

Construction with our workshop of a chimney base up to 50 m high for a glassworks for a'company in the'former Soviet Union

Construction of a glass smoke stack

Construction of a glass smoke stack for the municipality of Villotta di Chions (Pordenone)

Installation of a chimney of our own construction

Installation of a tube bundle chimney of our own construction for the municipality of Villotta di Chions (Pordenone)

Mounting of wheeled trolleys

First phase of assembly of our own wheeled trolleys

Wheeled cabs of our own manufacture

Assembly phase no. 2 of our wheeled cabs

Twistlock lifting unit

Construction and supply of 'twistlock' lifting unit as part of the construction of 2 wheeled cranes

Wheeled forklifts unload containers

Construction and installation of wheeled container unloading trolleys for the port of Genoa

Fixed grid system for ENEL power plant

Construction with pre-assembly at our facility of a fixed grid system for ENEL power plant (Ravenna)

Installation of 12 complete stainless steel sluice gates

Construction of a system of 12 stainless steel sluice gates complete with works for the municipality of Valli di Comacchio (VE)

Installation of a footbridge

Assembly phase of a pedestrian footbridge we built in Pontelongo (PD)

Assembly phase of winch cabins

winch cabins built at our factory in villadose and assembled in technical metal in marghera for OMG Venice

Completed winch cabins

Completed winch cabins

Mechanical details of two wheeled cranes

Mechanical parts forming part of two container unloading wheeled cranes built at our Villadose factory and assembled in Vado Ligure for OMG Srl Venezia


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